Small and Mobile VR Cam Nico360 is Seeking Crowdfunding

    There is now a wide range of affordable 360-degree cameras on the market,  including the Samsung Gear 360 and 360fly, which certainly opens up the accessibility for consumers to easily adopt the new tech. Now it has been announced that Nico360 has been launched on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, and claims quite a few things against its competitors.

    The Nico360 is measured up directly against its competition of Samsung’s Gear 360 camera, claiming to be a higher resolution, at 32MP, a smaller size, weighing just over 100 grams, and is a third of the price of the Gear 360. On top of these boasts, the Nico360 is also waterproof, and so it poves to be a great accessory to take outside to stand against the elements. However, with its cube shape, it could be described more as a 360 GoPro equivalent.

    Users can strap the camera to either themselves or to their bikes and cars. As well as its mobility, it is practical as it has 32 GB internal storage for you to record film straight on to. If users would rather livestream, there isn’t need for an app to access it as you can simply log straight on to YouTube and livestream straight onto it. There is no worry as to whether or not you can connect to the internet either, as it has 5G wifi that comes along in the little cube.

    It is currently on Indiegogo with a goal of $50,000 (USD), and it has a month left until the end of its campaign. For those who back the camera now for $99 can even receive the camera on this ‘early bird discount’, 50% cheaper than its original retail price.

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