Rock Band VR Looks to Be Oculus Touch Compatible

    Oculus VR promised a big surprise for the 2015 edition of The Game Awards tonight and it certainly didn’t disappoint; the company has announced Rock Band VR, the latest entry in the popular music series, developed once more by Harmonix. An early teaser trailer for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) compatible experience provided a first glimpse at early footage (and an appearance by Dragon Force), but a deeper look into the experience reveals a few more details.

    In the screen above, taken directly from the trailer, Oculus VR founder and Oculus Rift designer Palmer Luckey can be seen standing up next to Harmonix’s creative director Alex Rigopulos. Both are holding traditional Rock Band guitars, but both also seem to have one of the Oculus Touch position tracked controllers wrapped around the stock. It would appear this then enables players to move the plastic guitar controller around in the virtual world that they will immerse themselves in Rock Band VR.

    In fact, later clips of the title towards the end of the trailer do show the guitars moving, so it looks like this could well be the case, but Oculus VR itself hasn’t yet confirmed the compatibility. It’s also not clear if the guitars will need an extra component to hold the controller. Rock Band VR will be heading to the Oculus Rift in 2016.

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