Racecraft To Get VR Support

    There are certain genres of videogames that naturally work in virtual reality (VR). With an immersive first-person perspective racing titles are a good fit, giving a greater sense of speed and exhilaration as you’re behind the wheel of a racing car. Indie developer Vae Victis Games appreciates this, developing its Steam Early Access title Racecraft with VR in mind.

    Racecraft is a realistic racing videogame that has a unique feature, all the tracks are procedurally generated, so that players can randomly generate an endless number of tracks. These tracks can then be saved and shared for multiplayer races, or just so that other players can race against your ghost.

    For VR Vae Victis Games has had sure that the entire title will seamlessly blend with the technology. On Racecraft’s Steam page the studio states: “The driving menu allows interaction with the cars during the races without losing focus. The entire game UI is usable without taking your hands off the wheel or joypad. This system is called SixInput, for steering wheel users, seats and/or a VR headset. The game also implements voice commands and a “virtual track engineer” who will help the driver improving his racing experience by talking about tracks, setup, strategy, race status, car status and so on.”

    Head-mounted display (HMD) support will be available for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, although it currently isn’t implemented. Digging around Racecraft’s forum’s reveals a developer note from this week saying: “We hope to be able to deliver a VR update within early June.”

    VRFocus will bring you further details on Racecraft and its VR support as new details emerge.