Palmer Luckey Says VR Will Be ‘measured by hours and dollars, not units’

    The push for success in virtual reality (VR) is ever present, and according to the founder of Oculus VR and creator of Oculus Rift, it appears that one misconception needs to be straightened out if the industry is going to take off in a good way. Palmer Luckey took to Twitter to share with his followers that he thinks it will be quality over quantity that will push VR to succeed in the long run.

    It seems that Luckey believes that only half the battle will have been won if headsets are bought widely – what ensures the success is the continuous investment in development of technology and content. He posted a tweet yesterday saying: “Success of VR will be measured by hours and dollars, not units. Dusty headsets on desks/in the bin won’t sustain an ecosystem, content will!”

    One of his followers replied to the tweet saying what Luckey said was a ‘paradox’ because sales are needed to ‘justify making content’, but the Oculus Rift creator stood firmly in his place and tweeted “Which is why success will be defined by the end result (hours and dollars), not the start condition (units)”.

    Even though Luckey and Zuckerberg both seem positive about the units Oculus VR is selling and the goals they are reaching at the moment, the tweet Luckey posted shows that there is always more effort to be poured into VR and that he working to prevent VR from becoming just a novelty.

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