Oculus: ‘Over one million people used Gear VR last month’

    The Oculus VR and Samsung collaborative mobile head-mounted display (HMD), Gear VR, officially launched for consumers late last year after a year-long incubation period as an ‘Innovator Edition’. Despite the length of the Gear VR’s general availability, neither partner has revealed any sales figures for the device. Oculus VR has come close today, it would seem, stating that ‘over one million people used Gear VR last month’.

    While this doesn’t offer any evidence as to how many Gear VR units have been sold (or given away free) to consumers, it will undoubtedly spur on developers currently involved in content creation for the mobile HMD, whether it be videogames or video content. Revealed via the official Oculus Blog, this was undoubtedly the intention.

    “Developers have created more than 250 apps for Gear VR – from hit games like Minecraft, the action shooter End Space, and the unique fishing game Bait!, to one-of-a-kind experiences that put you front and center for live events like March Madness and the Kentucky Derby,” reads the official blog update. “In addition to the exciting range of games available, VR video continues to be one of the most popular experiences on Gear VR. Seven of the top 10 most used apps are videos and, on any given day, nearly 80% of people who use Gear VR watch video content. [sic]”

    Felix & Paul Studios today released the first part of a new series, Nomads, which is also highlighted by the blog post, as well as promising a redesigned Oculus Home next month and closer connectivity with Facebook, allowing the viewing of Facebook 360 Photos, which are reportedly coming to the social network’s users news feeds soon.

    Of course, Oculus VR’s official blog will always paint things in a good light, but the fact that the Gear VR is becoming so widespread – whether it is in terms of sales or simply showcasing the potential of virtual reality (VR) as a new medium – is undoubtedly a good thing for all concerned. If either Oculus VR or Samsung ever do decide to reveal official sales figures for the Gear VR, you can bet VRFocus will be first to bring you that news.