Nokia OZO Enters European Market with Post-Production Partners

    Nokia only announced its availability in the US a few days ago along with three retailers after its successful entrance into the virtual reality (VR) market. Today Nokia is now available in the European market, and this news comes with the reveal of two post-production partners, The Foundry and Deluxe.

    At the launch event last night in London the OZO itself was showcased with the main people who developed the professional-grade camera, including Ramzi Haimadus, President of Nokia Tech, Paul Melin, VP of Digital Media, Vesa Rantanen, Head of Research and Development, Boon Lai, CMO, and Guido Voltolina, Head of Presence Capture. To show off the OZO’s live streaming capabilities, the launch was concluded with a live 360 VR concert from band John Bull and the Bandits who performed 6 miles away from the event.

    During the presentation Ramzi Haidamus, President of Nokia Technologies, said: “Through OZO we can feel more present in the lives of people we’ve never met, and widen the circle of empathy in ways we could never have imagined before. Technology that moves us this deeply is technology that moves us all forward”.

    The Foundry and Deluxe have been selected as partners to provide post-production software tools and 3D content created with the OZO, both of which were showcased during the event on various head-mounted displays (HMD) in a showreel, and at the event there was a short panel featuring representatives from each company. Although Nokia has announced its US retail partners, it still hasn’t been shared who will be the European retailers for the €55,000 EUR.

    Nokia said during the event that from today it will be taking orders from its site, and all previous opportunities to join the OZO Pioneer program which allows those who share their creativity with OZO get a €15,000 EUR discount off of the camera.

    For further information, including announcements of the European retailers for the OZO, and VR news, stay with VRFocus.