New Details on PlayStation VR Exclusive White Day Revealed

    Following the reveal of a PlayStation VR edition of the popular White Day series back in November last year, Roi Games has today announced that this new release will in fact be a prequel. Set for launch later this year, the newly renamed White Day: Swan Song will be a PlayStation VR exclusive release.

    Originally thought to be a remake of the original title, the events of White Day: Swan Song will in fact take place six years prior. The videogame, specifically made for virtual reality (VR), will feature a fully 3D modelled environment but will apparently play similar to the smartphone based titles the franchise has benefited from.

    The most significant changes in White Day: Swan Song, aside from the fully 3D environments, will be a user interface designed for VR and the removal of a run ability. Both of these features have been adapted to reduce the chance of suffering from simulation sickness while playing White Day: Swan Song.

    Set for release late in 2016 in Korea, Roi Games also stated that a limited edition package is being considered which would include the videogame’s original soundtrack. No release outside of Korea has yet been confirmed (Roi Games openly stated that the ‘overseas performance does not meet expectations’) but VRFocus will continue to keep you updated with all the latest details on