Mortal Blitz Confirmed for PlayStation VR Launch

    Skonec has today confirmed that the PlayStation VR version of their popular Gear VR title, Mortal Blitz, will be made available alongside the launch of the head-mounted display (HMD) itself. The PlayStation VR it set to launch in October 2016, with a number of titles now expected to arrive day-and-date with the HMD.

    A first-person shooter (FPS) in which the gameplay is staggered, the player moves from location-to-location along a set path. At each stationary position the player is faced with enemies or a lightweight puzzle, and must overcome this obstacle before being allowed to progress.

    Mortal Blitz made its debut on the Gear VR with a ‘lite’ version back in May 2015. A full release followed in November, shortly after the confirmation that the title would also be coming to PlayStation VR.

    Revealed at a press conference held by Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea (SIEK) today, this date may only be relevant to the Korean release. However, VRFocus has contacted Skonec for more details on a western release date and will report back with any further information received.