National Crime Scene Cleanup Association Embraces VR Promotion

    If companies want to promote themselves or their products they’re turning more and more to virtual reality (VR). Now the National Crime Scene Cleanup Association is jumping into VR and 360-degree videos as a means to inform the public on how it operates.

    The popularity of TV shows such as NCIS and CIS shows the public fascination with this type of work. The National Crime Scene Cleanup Association website is in the process of filming and producing a series of digital shorts, which will place viewers among the company’s crew, responding to the scene of an incident.

    National Crime Scene Cleanup

    The association provides a wide range of cleanup services listing: Residential, Commercial, Suicide & Death, Blood, Meth Laboratory and Tear Gas among them.

    “Every aspect of promotion and advertising we do is based on the internet and technology. As new tech comes out, we want to be the first company in our industry to use it to our advantage,” says marketing and media manager, Constantine Chutis.

    “Shorts like this will produce awareness and insight into our industry and what our men and women go through when we go out to help families in need,” says James Michel, CEO of Crime Scene Cleanup. “All of the 360 content will appear on our YouTube Page within the coming months, and shall be shared out on all of our social media, and website.”

    National Crime Scene Cleanup Association has detailed what incidents the team will be filming but you may need a strong stomach. Alongside the videos appearing on the firms YouTube channel, there’s also a dedicated part of the website that can be explored using VR application JanusVR.

    VRFocus will continue to report on all aspects of VR, as new companies explore the technologies possibilities.