Nagomi’s Earcleaning VR Heads To Mobile Platforms

    Western gamers don’t always get to see some of the weirder Japanese videogame releases as they don’t always translate well. Today developer EISYS Inc has announced that its virtual reality (VR) title Nagomi’s Earcleaning VR will get an English update on 1st July 2016, to coincide Anime Expo 2016 taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Centre, California.

    Designed as a restful experience Nagomi’s Earcleaning VR seems to revolve around players getting a virtual ear cleaning. Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, the title is best experienced with headphones as it provides stereophonic sound through binaural recording. As the anime girl goes through the process her voice and breathing will change depending on the player’s movements.

    For this English language release, voice actress Yamana Eriko has provided a new binaural voice-over.

    While viewers will be able to watch Nagomi’s Earcleaning VR without a VR head-mounted display (HMD), for the most immersive experience it’s best to use a HMD like Google Cardboard, Merge VR, Zeiss VR One or any other mobile based device.

    For gamers who are fans of Japanese culture you’ll be able to download the title in a weeks time. VRFocus will continue to cover all the latest VR news and announcements, reporting back as new updates are released.

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