Chernobyl VR Project Launches Steam Greenlight Campaign For Support

    Chernobyl VR Project has been climbing the ladder since its reveal last year, and the release of its 360 trailer. Now The Farm 51 is now entering a new era and has launched its Steam Greenlight campaign today.

    This project has been listed as an educational videogame and movie narrative software, giving a virtual tour of the Pripyat area and Chernobyl which is the area around the nuclear reactor disaster site which went into meltdown in Ukraine, 1986. The studio has also announced plans to donate part of the proceeds from the sales of the Chernobyl VR Project to foundations helping the victims of the disaster.

    On the Steam Greenlight page, The Farm 51 posted a statement concerning why it wants to succeed in the validation of its project on Steam: “At The Farm 51, we believe that Virtual Reality (VR) is not only about entertainment. It is a fast developing technology which can serve as an excellent tool also when it comes to addressing important social issues. It is specifically with this aspect of VR in mind that we are developing the innovative application Chernobyl VR Project.

    “We decided that the tragic history of the Chernobyl disaster should not come down to the level of an action game only. We wanted to leverage computer game mechanics to create an interactive account of the tragic fate of the people and places affected by the Catastrophe of Time.”

    This application is said to be developed for head-mounted displays (HMD) such as the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and mobile-based HMDs such as the Samsung Gear VR. This campaign is deeply embedded into the grand scheme of plans of release, with the projected date of release to be this month.

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