Manus VR Showcases Development of Arm, Hand and Finger Tracking on HTC Vive

    A couple of months ago Manus VR, the company developing a hand-tracking glove, showcasing its on going work combining its technology with that of the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). Now the company has released a new video highlighting how far its development has progressed.

    That first video showed how combining the Manus VR glove and the headset motion-controllers on the users arms to enable arm and elbow movement. The new video now details everything with far more fluidity and precision. It begins with the demonstrator moving their fingers and hands, with an almost one-to-one repetition. After twisting their wrists the user then goes through several different motions that could be used to create greater immersion in virtual reality (VR). Pretending to look at a watch, picking up and throwing objects, boxing or martial arts, archery and so fourth.

    This combination of controllers and Manus VR in development gloves really does highlight how much further users could immerse themselves in a virtual world, being able to see their arms and hands fully rendered and there to interact with the world around them.

    In terms of when the technology from Manus VR will arrive is unknown, but last week VRFocus did report on Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. the company Manus VR is using for its sensors, had received an initial production order submission for its Bend sensor.

    Flexpoint did also note it expects to deliver several hundred thousand sensor systems annually upon full production, anticipating a rapid growth trajectory for the products globally during the second half of 2016, so there might not be long to wait.

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