DriveClub VR Confirmed for PlayStation VR Launch

    Confirmed on the Japanese PlayStation.Blog today was the news that DriveClub VR will not only be coming to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) PlayStation VR as a fully fledged title, but it’ll be available on launch day.

    Prior to this announcement SIE had constantly stated that DriveClub VR was only a tech demo to highlight what the headset could do to external developers, but back in April a new listing on the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website indicated there a full release might be coming, and today that’s been proved correct.

    Solely made for the PlayStation VR, the title has been given a Japanese price of ¥4,900 JPY excluding taxes (approximately £36 GBP/$47 USD) for both the digital and retail copies. But while the post has appear on the Japanese blog nothing has yet appear on the US or European counterparts.

    The announcement also came with several new screenshots as well as an added confirmation from Paul Rustchynsky ex DriveClub game director and now game director on a new Racing IP for Codemasters, who tweeted: “The new tracks are awesome by the way, some of my favourites in the game,” before responding to a twitter user saying: ” There is a collection of brand new tracks. Not sure I can comment on development yet – I’ll get back to you.”

    As VRFocus learns more about DriveClub VR’s upcoming release for PlayStation VR, we’ll report back.

    DriveClub VR Confirmed for PlayStation VR Launch DriveClub VR Confirmed for PlayStation VR Launch