Luckey On Oculus Rift Shipments: “much prefer shortages to the opposite problem”

    If you’ve pre-order the Oculus Rift but not received it yet you likely be well aware of the major issues surrounding the head-mounted displays (HMDs) launch. Oculus VR has been severely behind with getting the devices out to consumers who placed their order back in January 2016, with some getting emails notifying them that they might have to wait until June or later before receiving the headset. The company’s founder Palmer Luckey has been responding to the many concerns through his Twitter account and via the r/Oculus sub-Reddit.

    Via Twitter yesterday Luckey wrote: “I prefer production that can keep up with demand, but much prefer shortages to the opposite problem! No burying Rifts in desert landfills.” Followed by: “Which is a very real concern for any hardware company, especially one trying to predict volumes on a totally new market.” This hasn’t allayed those doubts in many consumers minds due to the frequently given response being that the pre-order process should have given Oculus VR ample idea on the amount of units to manufacture.

    Things got decidedly more heated on Reddit with one user going through previous quotes Luckey had made. His response: “Does shit change sometimes? Of course it does. Does that mean I am going to stop speaking my mind because people throw out of context words in my face years later? No, not really. The same people who complain about “lack of transparency” and “sterile, corporate communication” are so very often the same people who berate and hate companies and individuals for anything they ever say that changes at some point.”

    “That is why the majority of companies tell you nothing and keep you in the dark on everything unless it is perfectly constructed to keep secrets secret, offend nobody, and align with every corporate message that has ever been given. They know a vocal minority of people is going to latch on to anything they say or have said and use it to shit on them, and they let it control them.”

    Another issue that riled customers was when it emerged that headset and PC bundles bought at retailers in the US would enable you to get an Oculus Rift earlier than if you’d pre-ordered stated

    At any rate this means less gamers have got their hands on an Oculus Rift than expected and the knock on effect means developers who created launch day titles will see reduced sales because of it.

    VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest announcements from Oculus VR as further details emerge.

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