Life In 360°: Where’s Wally? (No, really…)

    Today’s life in 360 has a literary connection one that many who have grown up over the last three decades will probably appreciated. This year the Where’s Wally series of books, known as Where’s Waldo in the U.S. and Canada celebrates its twenty nine years of scouring pages for someone hiding in plain sight. The red and white striped character has become an iconic one in children’s books, with the ability to entertain and frustrate young and old alike.

    Now one company has taken creator Martin Handford’s idea and brought it to the world of 360 degree video. The video, created by Corridor Digital, sees you guided around various locations in Santa Monica on the hunt for the illusive character.

    So, can you find Wally and an array of other individuals before the detectives hunting him can?

    VRFocus will be back soon with more creative 360 degree videos.