Life In 360°: Going Through The Gears For The Tour De France

    Long, fast, dangerous, tretcherous, taxing, draining, the Tour de France is filled with more than just bumps in the road but full on mountains. And whether you’re the king, the new kid on the block, the fastest over short distances or the fastest over the whole thing there’s something very special about The Tour De France. We’ve already featured this year’s Le Tour once on Life In 360°; at that time it was a focus on the preparations by Team Sky. Preparations that, at the time of writing seem to be paying dividends with Britain’s Chris Froome leading the overall classifications.

    On this occasion however we’ve an official video from Le Tour itself, showing the preparations all around the course for the race to begin and then the race itself. Cyclists (and the crowd) being warmed up, bikes being prepared, strategy being devised, marketing being done, the support vehicles warning bystanders and then the peloton itself. The attacks, the sprints, the struggle and the finish.

    If you’re a cycling fan you’ll love this whirlwind of snapshots into what makes La Grande Boucle such a huge event.  VRFocus will be back next week with another Life In 360°.