Head into the Underground World of Always Higher on HTC Vive

    Last month VRFocus reported on indie developer AntiAnti looking to get virtual reality (VR) shooter Always Higher Greenlit on Steam. The Steam Greenlight campaign was successful and now the videogame has launched for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD).

    Always Higher is a first-person shooter (FPS) set in a future where the world is in ruins and mankind has sort refuge underground. Split into warring districts competing for power the government does have the power or control it used to, two of the biggest factions are gearing up for a final encounter and your in the middle.

    Suffering from some sort of amnesia players take the role of a character who knows only three things, that they’re an undercover agent who’s infiltrated an enemy laboratory to steal data, that you need to escape, and the reasons for being there are supposedly just.

    To escape you’ll need work your way up through the facility, avoiding or shooting your way through the enemy soldiers that stand in the way and getting the vital data to your boss.

    Created specifically for HTC Vive’s Room Scale tracking system, Always Higher requires a minimum play area of 2m x 2m but it is recommended that players have an area of 3m x 2m for best results.

    Currently Always Higher is on a limited time discount promotion. Until 28th July 2016 there’s a 12 percent discount available, dropping the price down to £11.95 GBP from £13.59.

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