Life In 360°: A One-Ring Circus Starring You, Courtesy Of Cirque du Soleil

    As mentioned yesterday people are using 360 degree video for all sorts of things; for education, for information, for leisure and travel and for entertainment. Sometimes the use of this, if honest, doesn’t work. The addition of 360 degree filming doesn’t bring anything ‘extra’ to the table. Filming a stage at an award show or a studio and being able to see the crowd or crew behind the camera most of the time isn’t going to provide much – unless you really want to see a bunch of tired and/or bored people. The exception here is sporting events with a view from the crowd, where the rollercoaster of emotions is something that can be followers. But otherwise there’s not much in the way of additional worth.

    Things need to be actually going on around you for 360 degree video to have a point and some of the best videos therefore come when you are, deliberately or accidentally, the centre of attention.

    Cirque du Soleil is one of the most original and enduring shows in the world combining bright characters, daredevil stunts and intricate choreography that often opens the door to another world.

    Filmed in Tokyo by Japan’s Fuji TV as part of a celebration of Cirque du Soleil’s TOTEM show achieving over 200,000 visitors since the beginning of its residence in February this video truly puts you at the centre of the action as acrobats swing by you, unicyclists perform tricks around you and you’re harassed on all sides by a group of monkeys. Because of course you are.

    VRFocus will be back soon with more examples of 360 degree video.