Kodon 3D Sculpting Arrives on Steam Early Access

    Following in the footsteps of Tiltbrush, Modbox and Oculus VR’s Medium, Tenk Labs’ Kodon is a 3D sculpting program designed for roomscale virtual reality (VR). Available via Steam Early Access now, Kodon is compatible with the HTC Vive.

    Kodon allows users to freely shape objects in 1:1 roomscale. Players can create physical objects in VR, using the physical properties of the room in which your HTC Vive is located. This allows the user to use real-world desks and tools for stability and precision in the 3D sculpting process.

    Although not intended for professional use, experienced 3D modellers using Kodon are offered professional control over the result by allowing importing of existing meshes from all major 3D applications using the .obj format, and exporting back. However, as Kodon is not aimed at professional designers, there is no ability to colorize or add bumpmapping and you can not edit and control individual vertices.

    Tenk Labs intend to launch the final build of Kodon in July 2016, however the team openly state on their official Steam store page; “If the app becomes mostly used by professional users, a price adjustment might be necessary to compensate for support and feature needs.”

    Kodon 3D Sculpting Arrives on Steam Early Access

    Kodon is available to download via Steam now, compatible with the HTC Vive, priced at £14.99 GBP. With a full release expected next month, VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Kodon and other VR projects from Tenk Labs.