100ft Robot Golf Includes In-Game Commentary in New Trailer Released

    Golf is a sport that has been adapted in a few ways, especially in videogames and virtual reality (VR), but the aspect that is the common factor of change is the surroundings and locations to change up the pace. No Goblin, however, has switched up what is actually hitting the ball in 100ft Robot Golf coming to PlayStation VR, and there is now a trailer for it.

    The trailer featured below could be mistaken for an action-packed mech battle videogame, with missiles flying around, explosions occuring in large cities, and intense music to match – but that is only half of the concept of the title. With the tagline “impossibly large robots fight for par”, the sense of action stirs up excitement for an adaption of a relatively slow-paced sport, which can be hard to do. The player will experience piloting an oversized robot with a thirst for the most destructive game of golf where they can simply wipe out any obstacles in their way.

    There is a great adaption of golf commentary by the McElroy Brothers, hosts of the comedy podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me, throughout the trailer also which gives a real sense of the fun nature and humour of the videogame, along with the celebratory dancing robots and human skeletons. It is also teased that players could be able to pose as five small dogs in a suit who control their robot (which may or may not be true).

    The game modes include up to four players based in either greens, cities, mountains, or orbiting moons, in games that can be either split-screen or online.

    100ft Robot Golf will be available on PlayStation VR later this year after the launch of the VR head-mounted display (HMD) launches in October.

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