Knock Out Drones in Space in Holodaze on HTC Vive

    There have been a few instances where the use of the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) use of room-scale has made players work up a sweat, and Holodaze plans to do just that with in the latest release for the virtual reality (VR) HMD.

    Players will enter the arena in Holodaze to find themselves equipped with power balls and a teleporter before they get flung into action in a game of seeing how long their survive the ongoing attacks from the enemy. The arena is set in space with the constant threat of robot drones randomly appearing ready to blast the player to pieces, and the only way they can defend themselves is with the use of their power balls, which they can throw into specifically the faces of the drones. Where the room scale comes in to play is whether or not the player wishes to physically dodge and evade attacks which will put the player into a deeper sense of immersion.

    The other feature that affects gameplay is the teleportation device and how it can teleport the player to any face of the cube arena. This in turn shifts the players orientation in the arena, which means gravity will also be working against you despite being in space. For example, if the player is underneath the cube, then throwing up requires throwing down.

    There are three levels of difficulty, opening up playability to both casual players as well as “hardcore addicts”, but both types of gamers will have to see how long they can last in the Holodaze arena.

    Holodaze is currently available for the HTC Vive, with full use of its room scalability, at the price of £1.99 GBP on Steam.

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