Unity Vulkan Support for Daydream Confirmed

    The third and final day of the Google I/O conference is due to begin soon with several virtual reality (VR) related talks scheduled to take place. The event has seen numerous details revealed on the Google Daydream platform, from the headset and controller, to Daydream Home and Daydream Labs. Also discussed was Kronos’ Vulkan API, which allows developers to power their VR projects. Epic Games announced support would be coming for Unreal Engine 4, and now Unity Technologies has also confirmed its videogame development engine Unity will also be compatible.

    John Riccitiello, CEO, Unity Technologies took to the stage yesterday with Clay Bavor, Vice President of Virtual Reality at Google to make the announcement. Riccitiello said: “Unity has been making big investments in VR, some of you may have seen our version of the metaverse, creating VR from within VR.

    “And we’re also very much aware of Google’s road amp in VR, and we intend to be, and are there every step of the way. Now as part of that we’re announcing support for Daydream. It’ll be native inside of Unity, very easy to use. And we’re also providing support for Vulkan which we’re launching next quarter.”

    Then Unity Technologies released further information on that support via its blog, adding: ‘we will be supporting Vulkan, and plan to give early access to developers in Q3 of this year.’

    Mobile VR looks set to heat up even further this year when Google Daydream arrives in November. The space has been dominated by Samsung Gear VR as the highest quality mobile headset, but Google’s own Cardboard has played a significant part, due to its cost.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Google I/O, bringing you all the latest news.