Insta360 One Direction Lock / Direction Hold! (Flowstate Stabilization) – follow mode stabilization

Insta360 One with Free bullet time handle: Insta360 ONE got a major upgrade to its Flowstate stabilization – adding a new Direction Lock / Direction Hold option (follow mode stabilization or forward stabilization or direction lock stabilization). This option stabilizes the video in the direction the camera is facing instead of a fixed compass direction.

This makes the Insta360 ONE the ideal camera for skateboards, bikes, cars, pretty much any moving shot especially those with many turns — including, in this case, theme park rides and roller coasters! It can also be mixed with normal stabilization to add visual interest. Here is a demo and tutorial. Insta360 One is available on Amazon or Gearbest

Note: the Direction Hold option is initially only for iOS but will later be added to the Android app as well.