Are you looking for a free video editor? The new Insta360 Studio 2024 v5.0 can now combine photos and videos from Insta360 cameras and other cameras such as your smartphone, drone, action cam, DSLR or other cameras.
In this beginners guide, you’ll learn to use Insta360 Studio in just 15 minutes! Add music, titles, transitions, and effects such as hyperlapse, slow motion, motion blur, and more!

Download Insta360 Studio here:

00:00 Intro
00:42 Media tab vs Project tab
01:11 Importing files
01:25 Sort through your files with Favorites
02:06 Aspect ratio and taking snapshot
02:16 Flowstate Stabilization vs Direction Lock
03:26 If Direction Lock is resulting in shaky videos
03:46 Stitching options
04:31 Media processing (color plus, clarity plus, motion ND)
05:00 Clip management (create different versions)
05:25 Trimming your video
05:34 Adding effects (motion ND, timeshift)
06:17 DeepTrack for subject tracking
08:38 Changing the transition type
09:22 AutoFrame (automatic keyframing)
10:23 How to use export queue
10:44 Project tab
10:59 Modifying project properties
11:35 Importing media to your Project
12:28 Adding media to timeline
12:54 Modifying videos in your Project
13:10 Keyframing in the Project tab
13:43 Adding music, titles and transitions


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