Hyper Bowling VR Brings the Pastime To the HTC Vive Out Now

    There is a long list being made up of various pastime activities and sports being developed for virtual reality (VR) where it makes it easier to wind down and relax while either hitting or throwing balls around to the player’s heart’s content, a great example of this being Pool Nation where it combines the qualities of a hangout with a game of pool. The latest videogame of that category to make it over to the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) is Hyper Bowling VR, a bowling simulator where the user can slam some strikes and enjoy the view, which is available from today.

    The latest bowling simulator is simple enough to grasp the concept of if you have ever played a game of bowling in your life. The environments are described by the developers as “stunning and breathtaking”, which judging from the screenshots featured on the game’s purchase page includes a a sunny beach, aquarium, neon lighted diner, and interestingly a type of ice palace. Just as in the real life game, the player will pick up a ball using the Vive motion controllers, choose a lane to lob the ball down, and go crazy trying to get that strike.

    The videogame is customisable including the design of the bowling ball, selection of music playing in the alley, and as previously mentioned: the scenery. The developers also emphasise that the physics used in the videogame “ensure a realistic bowling experience. Or, since you are the boss of your own alley, go wild and throw the ball wherever you want!”

    The bowling simulation, Hyper Bowling VR, is available on Steam at a more costly price of £14.99 GBP, compared to most indie releases that range from £1-5, and it is a single player title.

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