HTC Vive Business Edition in Pictures

    HTC announced the upcoming launch of a new version of the HTC Vive virtual reality (VR) platform earlier this week, the Vive Business Edition (Vive BE). Following the announcement a set of fresh images have arrived showcasing minor cosmetic differences between the HTC Vive consumer release and the Vive BE.

    Set to launch this month, the Vive BE is essentially the same hardware repackaged to suit enterprise needs. Included with the new edition is a subscription to a dedicated support line plus four interchangeable ‘face cushions’. All of this can be purchased for $1,200 USD, with more details on the package available in VRFocus’ coverage of the Vive BE announcement.

    However, the reveal of the first images of the Vive BE is perhaps more telling of HTC’s priorities. Aside from a colour change on the HTC and Vive logos, and surrounding the head-mounted display (HMD) featured camera, the only other physical change to the device that can clearly be seen is the two-tone plastic of the motion-controllers, the underside of which now appears a lighter shade of grey.

    Essentially, it seems that the Vive BE is a HTC Vive system designed to offer a business solution for those interested in utilising VR for promotional activities without prior knowledge of VR development. An interesting business decision on behalf of HTC, most certainly.

    The Vive BE begins shipping this month and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on both this and the consumer edition of the HTC Vive.

    HTC Vive Business Edition in Pictures HTC Vive Business Edition in Pictures