House of the Dying Sun: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

    House of the Dying Sun has been in development for several years now, first appearing on VRFocus back in 2014 when it was showcased at PAX Prime under the title of Enemy Starfighter. Developed by Marauder Interactive the sci-fi space shooter launched on Steam Early Access this week featuring 21 unlockable achievements, and VRFocus has the round up below.

    The Early Access version currently comes with 14 campaign missions with three difficulty settings to choose from. House of the Dying Sun is currently available at a discounted rate, offering a 10 percent reduction on the standard price of £14.99 USD to £13.49, but only until 14th June, 2016.

    Full Achievement List:



    Complete host uplink training.



    Complete a mission on Invader or higher.


    War Criminal

    Destroy an escape pod.


    You can be my wingman anytime…

    Earn a wingman.


    Black Thumb

    Purchase an upgrade.



    Complete a mission on Warlord or higher.


    Up Close & Personal

    Destroy a vessel while inside its shields.


    Heavy Metal

    Add a destroyer to your fleet.



    Complete a mission on Harbinger.


    Cloaked Figure

    Complete a bonus objective.


    …bullshit, you can be mine.

    Earn a second wingman.


    Gun Nut

    Earn a new weapon.














    Lord Humungus

    Run over a traitor lord’s escape pod.


    Big Spender

    Purchase all upgrades.


    Ember Lance

    Earn a frigate for your fleet.