Pong Gets a VR Upgrade with CurveBall VR

    An icon of the early videogame era, when graphics weren’t a selling point like they are today, Pong was a form of tennis or air hockey that relied on addictive gameplay mechanics as its main feature. Bringing those early gameplay ideals into the 21st Century, and utilising virtual reality (VR), indie developer Hayden Burgoyne has launched CurveBall VR for free.

    Supporting both iOS and Android, CurveBall VR has both single player and multiplayer elements but the goal is always the same, earn points by getting the ball past your opponent anyway you can. Use long volleys or spin the ball depending on which part of the reticule the ball hits. As you gain points, a level bar fills up, and with each increase in level comes a huge increase in points, but also a big increase in difficulty.

    The multiplayer functionality can be activated by two players using the same WiFi connection. One person is the host while the other can then join in on a game. This option also works between players using iOS or Android.

    While CurveBall VR can be used without a VR head-mounted display (HMD), using the touchscreen controls on the smartphone, for a more immersive experience combine with Google Cardboard, Merge VR or any of the other mobile style headsets available.

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