HTC Comments On Valve Third Party Hardware Licensing

    VRFocus reported on the recent news that Valve has created a program for third party developers to create tracked hardware with the help of a development kit. Now HTC has commented on the program. The whole concept is to allow companies to apply to join the program where they will be sent a development kit, including a tracking system and all the tools needed to develop new hardware. Cher Wang, CEO and Chairwoman of HTC, commented on this, showing much positive support: “We are extremely excited about the potential mid to long term impact of our decision with our partner Valve to simultaneously open up our respective technologies in order to accelerate growth in the VR industry. The new wave of innovation this program will enable is going to be amazing to watch, the biggest winners will be the consumers and business customers around the world.” Alan Yates, an Engineer at Valve, said: “Making this OpenVR tracking techno log available to more partners is an extremely important step in the evolution of virtual reality and 3D tracking. We are very confident that doing so will result in new and innovative experiences for all VR customers.” It is hoped that the amount of accessories and peripherals will be expanded. The technology that this is all based on is that of the HTC Vive. There are in-person training courses being held for the first wave of hardware developers who enter the program. These courses will provide development resources, software for developing tracked accessories and peripherals, technical support for integration, and go-to-market resources when the product is ready. The program is expected to facilitate rapid development of innovative hardware solutions to create new ways for people to interact in VR. For more on the latest from HTC Vive and Valve, as well as all the news and updates in the world of VR, make sure to check back with VRFocus.