Mervils: A VR Adventure Arrives on Early Access With Demo

    At the beginning of the month it was reported that Mervils: A VR Adventure was coming to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift head-mounted displays (HMD) on Steam Early Access, and now it has arrived along with a downloadable demo free to get.

    Mervils: A VR Adventure is A third-person and first-person platformer set in the picturesque Mervil Kingdom. The friendly Mervil people have one great enemy, “Balazar the Evil” who has not been seen in the lands for centuries. They’re protected by the Great Mervil Book but over the years its power has diminished leading to Balazar’s return. To succeed players must collect lost pages, rebind the Great Book, and defeat Balazar.

    It is explained on the Steam Early Access page exactly why the studio has chosen to put it up as Early Access first: “The origins of Mervils began about year ago when we set out to develop a platformer game built specifically for VR. Along the way we listened to your amazing feedback, and that has shaped the game into what it is today, an open-world RPG with a little-less platforming and a lot more quests.

    “The game has 4 open worlds and is currently 3-4 hours in length which brings your journey to the half way point at start of the “Arctic Isles” world. We are very close to having a full-length VR title and we would love to get your final feedback before Mervils full release.”

    The full version will include Countryside, Wild West, Arctic Isles, and Paradise Cove Worlds including your journey to defeat Balazar the Evil. Our goal is to make Mervils a full length adventure game with 7-8 hours of content and include an Armory and Achievements to increase the overall experience. It is described as “an evolved experience” depending on feedback.

    Right now, Mervils: A VR Adventure is £6.99 (GBP), but it is said that the price will double when it reaches its full version. The demo is free to download.

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