How to make VIDEO GAME SCENES with REAL CHARACTERS | GTA LIVE effect with Insta360 One X | Gaba_VR

Let’s shoot GTA-like scenes on the street! In this video I show you how to make video game scenes come to life, shooting with real characters anywhere you want, using Insta360 One X camera ( and the Back Bar Waist Strap. And if you are interested about further 360 photo and video tutorials, subscribe here:


I think 360 cameras are really great tools to use in traditional film making, too. You can also find tutorials about it on my channel, and this time I show you another technique how we can combine a 360 footage with a normal video format to get a really interesting camera angle and point of view.

The basic idea of this setup is that I can mount the invisible selfie stick on my waist, so the video will look like it was captured with a floating camera behind me.

I hope you will try and like this technique with or without this waist strap. Because, as you can see, there could be some other, home-made solutions to achieve the same effect. If you have any ideas about it, please share with me in the comment section.

The short film was shot with Insta360 One X and the invisible selfie stick.

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