How to CLONE YOURSELF in a MOVING SCENE on a budget – Cloning Effect with a 360 camera | Gaba_VR

Learn in this video tutorial how to use Motion Controlled Movements while creating a Cloning Effect. BUT instead of shooting with a motorized slider and a pan & tilt camera head, we use a 360 camera, setting up camera movements during post-production. Check out this motion control trick on a budget, and for further 360 photo and video tutorials, subscribe here:


Cloning effect is very popular and exciting in movie making, and it’s quite simple, as long as you are shooting with a still camera. But when it comes to a moving shot, we face the problem that we need a motion control pan & tilt head and a motorized slider to record everything with the same camera movements over and over again.

And of course, when it comes to a dialogue, or any interaction between the clones, we have to take care of timing too: we have to say the sentences or do certain movements in the right moment to cut these things together.

But what if I say, we can achieve the same pan & tilt stop motion effect without having to move the camera?
The 360 camera stays still during shooting, and I create all the movements afterwards, so I don’t have to bother with timing and repeating camera moves during shooting.

In this tutorial I show you the entire process from recording to the final steps in post-production, how I recreate the famous and funny scene of Life of Brian with a small twist. This time there will be clones in the crowd, when “Brian” says “you’re all individuals…” And we will shoot it as a moving camera scene without having to move the camera during shooting!

The short film was shot with Insta360 One X and the invisible selfie stick.
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