How to shoot CINEMATIC VIDEOS with 360 CAMERAS | Insta360 X3 & ONE RS 1-INCH 360 in movies

In this video, I guide you through the essential aspects of how 360 cameras, such as Insta360 X3 and ONE RS 1-INCH 360, seamlessly integrate into a cinematic shooting concept for travel videos, indie films, and low-budget movies.

I talk about Aspect ratio, Framing and composition, Camera movements, Frame rates, Color grading, Storytelling pace, and, of course, Depth of field. The focus is on illustrating how 360 cameras can contribute to achieving a cinematic style in each of these aspects.


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0:00 Sample Footage
1:09 Introduction
1:50 Aspect Ratio
3:18 Frame Composition
5:00 Camera Movements
6:02 Frame Rate
6:29 Color Grading
7:42 Storytelling Pacing
8:53 Depth of Field
10:02 Summary


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Created by Gaba VR (Gabor Szidor N.)
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