Heist Title Filthy Lucre Coming to PlayStation VR

    With Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) only five months away from launch, new developers are revealing projects being created for the platform. The latest comes from Manchester, UK-based studio Fabrik with gritty heist title Filthy Lucre.

    Filthy Lucre is a top-down viewed videogame set in London that features solo and co-op gameplay for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

    Not many details have yet been announced for Filthy Lucre, but Eurogamer spoke to Graeme Ankers, Fabrik founder who describes the videogame as an isometric stealth action heist game ‘with a darkly British twist’.

    “It’s all about player choice. You can play it all-out stealthy, or go full metal jacket. The AI systems mean it reacts to your playstyle, so it doesn’t play out the same way twice. The AI reacts dynamically to the situation,” Ankers told the site.”It’s about your past catching up to you, so you’ve got to manage the consequence of your actions in the world as well.”

    Ankers was previously studio director for shuttered Sony Liverpool, and many of the other developers come from the same place or Evolution Studios, which used to make Driveclub.

    The first reveal trailer can be seen below, and VRFocus will bring you further details on Filthy Lucre and its PlayStation VR support as they’re announced.