Happyland 360 to Launch this week

    360 degree filmmaking is becoming a popular medium to show the plight of regions across the world, because of the immersive qualities of the technology. Experiences like Clouds Over Sidra by Vrse.works and Inside Impact: East Africa featuring ex-president Bill Clinton from Felix & Paul Studios in association with m ss ng p eces, are just a couple of films that demonstrate this. Launching later this week is a new 360 degree film, Happyland 360, based in a slum in Manila, Philippines.

    Happyland 360, created by Vostock VR is possibly one of the first 360 documentaries in the region. The film covers the lives of the 40,000 people living in the Happyland slum, one of the largest dump sites in the capital. The area used to be a fishing village, then the city began dump its rubbish there. The fishermen then became rubbish scavengers, as Manila Bay became poisonous and toxic.

    The trailer below givens a taster of the full documentary which will be released on Thursday 17th December 2015. Through the film, viewers will be able to see places that are not accessible by ordinary tourists to the country and get to know the stories of the people who live there, that haven’t been shared before.

    Vostock VR hasn’t announced which head-mounted displays (HMD) the 360 degree film will support, but it’ll probably be available for mobile headsets like the Google Cardboard for example.

    VRFocus will follow the launch of the documentary, reporting back any further updates announced.


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