GoPro Max Unboxing and Overview

GoPro Max (USA)
GoPro Max (CAN)
In this video, we are taking a closer look at the new GoPro Max. This is GoPro’s latest 360 camera and is replacing the Fusion. The GoPro Max has many new features and enhancements over the fusion and may now become a strong competitor in the 3d market. GoPro doesn’t heavily market the Max as a 360 camera but more a traditional GoPro that can capture many perspectives. I will follow up with a full review and tutorial videos over the coming weeks.

GoPro Max Battery (USA)
GoPro Max Battery (CAN)

GoPro Max Dual Charger (USA)
GoPro Max Dual Charger (CAN)

GoPro Max/Fusion Grip (USA)
GoPro Max/Fusion Grip (CAN)

GoPro Max Screen Protector (USA)
GoPro Max Screen Protector (CAN)

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