GoPro Fusion:
Fusion Silicone Protective Housing:
Just some raw 360 footage shot on the GoPro fusion. I don’t know why the handle is in the video I thought the fusion gets ride of that. Maybe the way I had the camera angled.

I do notice allot of purple fringing in the tree branches up near the sky. It also appears to be a little blurry in some spots. Stabilization is decent, but a little jittery from time to time.

This 1:37 video when rendered in Fusion Studio into a YouTube format came out as a massive 13 GB file.

I am quite surprised how well the audio turned out. It was super windy when filming and I figured the audio track would be all wind noise.

Note: This video will not display properly if watching it in a mobile web browser on the iPhone. Please view in the YouTube App to view in full immersive 360.


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