Connecting A Microphone To Insta360 One R

In this video, we are taking a look at how to connect a microphone to the Insta360 One R using the newly released microphone adapter and vlog frame with built-in cold shoe. The Insta360 One R can be a powerful vlogging tool and now with this new gear, it is quite easy to set up a vlogging rig. We also take a look at which microphones are best to use with the Insta360 One R.

Microphone Adapter and Frame can be ordered on the Insta360 One website.

Rode Wireless Go (USA)
Rode Wireless Go (CAN)

Rode VideoMicro(USA)
Rode VideoMicro(CAN)

Saramonic Microphone (USA)
Saramonic Microphone (CAN)

LumeCube 2.0 (USA)
LumeCube 2.0 (CAN)

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