Google VR Confirmed For Keynote At Virtual Reality Symposium

    We might be at SIGGRAPH this week for a variety of virtual (VR)and augmented reality (AR) news and liveblogs but that doesn’t mean that it is the only event on the horizon. In fact the event calendar for the industry continues to grow and fill at speed.

    Over in Singapore the Virtual Reality Symposium has just announced its keynote speaker for the event which is due to take place across November the 17th and 18th. Google VR’s Manuel Clement, a VR Designer and Prototyper, will be taking to the stage and it appears as though it will definitely be one to see. Having worked on everything from Google’s self driving car project to the Google Doodles, Clement will be presenting his keynote address on “VR learnings about interactions, immersion, social, and more” which will focus on Google’s work creating for Google Daydream.

    “Daydream Labs has built more than 60 VR app experiments in 30 weeks. In this session, Manuel Clement will discuss what his team has learned about interactions, immersion, social, and more. From “data viz” to “slides & ladders”, sometimes their most playful projects gave us the deepest insights into what makes VR both useful and fun.”

    Other attendees from the conference include representatives from companies such as Ubisoft, Alibaba, Two Worlds, IcebergX and more. You can find out more about the event at the website here:

    VRFocus will be back soon with news of day two’s activities at SIGGRAPH 2016.