Take VR Anywhere With the Modular i-BLADES Galaxy S7 Smartcase

    It’s now got to the stage where consumers have a mixture of choices when it comes to where and when they can consume virtual reality (VR) content. Whether its at home on PC tethered devices such as HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, slightly more mobile in the form of Samsung Gear VR, or the various cheap and cheerful Google Cardboard and its many imitations. But while the latter two are considered mobile devices, they’re still bulky and not everyone is probably willing to cart them about when they want some immersive viewing. So several companies have come up with far more portable solutions with the latest in the form of the modular i-BLADES smartcase.

    Designed for Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone the Galaxy S7, i-BLADES Inc. has created the i-BLADES Galaxy S7 Smartcase a modular phone accessory ecosystem that uses the company’s SmartBlade system. And part of that system includes a VR head-mounted display (HMD).

    The i-BLADES Smartcase itself can be customised by users to add features like extra battery life and expanded memory depending on requirements. For the i-BLADES Galaxy S7 Smartcase the company is offering users who pre-order, a Galaxy S7 Smartcase with Smart VR Blade plus extra modular battery life and memory expansion for $119 USD. When ordering choose the Smartcase with battery and memory smartblade included and add the Smart VR Blade to the cart with the coupon Smartvrgalaxys7. The offer lasts until the end of July 2016.

    The offer gets users the VR headset, the Turbo 64 Smartblade giving Galaxy S7 users a claimed 18 hours more talk time, 10 hours more video viewing plus 64GB more memory. The Smartcase also includes an additional microSD slot for expandable storage.

    More Smartblades are due to be announced later this year, and as VRFocus gets further details we’ll let you know.

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