Firstage Portable AR Gig Crowdfunding Campaign a Success

    It wasn’t that long ago that VRFocus reported on the Kickstarter campaign created by two musicians in hopes of funding their project to bring location-agnostic music gigs to fans through augmented reality (AR). Today was the last day of the campaign and the musicians have successfully completed it by a small margine.

    The Firstage campaign reached its goal with 30 EUR over the set 10,000, which makes it a pretty slim success, but a success no doubt when it only had a 20 day period to raise the money. It was already outlined in the campaign where the money raised would be going towards: “We need support raising money to set up our studio space in Dublin. We are constantly enhancing the experience of watching an augmented reality gig. Having our own studio space means that we can test, perfect and experiment with recording but it also means that we can put on lots and lots more AR gigs.”

    What will be created is an AR platform for artists to play gigs and for it to be broadcast in AR. What this means for the fans and those who want to attend is that the gig can be projected on any surface in any place they wish, making it so that the bands do not need to tour and fans do not need to miss out on any performance through not being able to physically be there.

    It is stated on the campaign page also that the estimated delivery of this project is in a year’s time, July 2017, so it won’t be too long until you can watch the latest rock, rap, or pop artist dancing on your coffee table.

    There will be further developments regarding this project, so to keep up with the latest check back with VRFocus, as well as for all news and updates in the world of VR.