First Trailer For Dinosaur Hunting Title Island 359 Arrives

    Last month newly formed virtual reality (VR) developer Cloudgate Studios released the first teasing images for its upcoming dinosaur themed title, Island 359. Today the developer has more news to share, this time in the form of its very first trailer.

    Island 359 is an action packed first-person shooter (FPS) that puts players into a dinosaur infest jungle, where everything wants to eat you. Playing as a trained mercenary, you’re dropped off on an island alone by way of helicopter, and you have one mission: kill as many dinosaurs as possible, while trying to safely escape off the island to collect your bounty.

    Its just you against the hungry creatures with both fighting for survival. With a selection of weapons and tools at your disposal you’ll need to outwit the dinosaurs, while exploring the expansive island in total isolation.

    The trailer gives a brief glimpse of what’s in store, with a selection of dinosaurs ready to eat you alive. Revealed so far are carnivorous little Compy’s which prefer to attack in swarming groups. While the bigger Allosaurs are very similar to the Velociraptor, fast powerful and dangerous no matter how many there are.

    But to protect yourself there’s Uzi sub-machineguns, pistols and knifes to duel wield. You’ll be able to find several clips, scopes and other items to defend yourself.

    Island 359 supports the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) and Cloudgate Studios plans to launch on Steam Early Access this summer.

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