First Oculus Rift preorders are shipped

    It is finally happening, the first Oculus Rift headsets will be well delivered on March 28. Palmer Luckey and Brendan Iribe annouched it in a Tweet!

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    The first Oculus Rift has shipped, deliveries begin Monday 3.28.2016.

    — Brendan Iribe (@brendaniribe) 24 maart 2016

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    Rifts are finally shipping to both pre-orders and Kickstarter backers! Getting ready to flood our servers with Rifters.

    — Palmer Luckey (@PalmerLuckey) 24 maart 2016

    There is a very good chance that you have received an email informing you that your Rift is currently being shipped. Others who ordered in the first 10 minutes got a message the Rift will be shipped within three weeks. You can check you order status using the following link:

    I did my order when the shipping date was still messaging March, but my shipping date is still set to TBA. According to Oculus we are pretty far up front.