Final Approach: Pilot Edition Lands on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

    Earlier this month developer Phaser Lock Interactive announced a new version of its virtual reality (VR) title Final Approach. Called Final Approach: Pilot Edition the videogame gives players direct control of the vehicles featured thus opening up the series to more platforms. The original was only available on the HTC Vive, but this latest version has launched today for Oculus Rift as well.

    Final Approach: Pilot Edition has been designed for none-tracked controllers like the Xbox One device for the Oculus Rift. With this new version players will be able to take control of F-16 and F18 fighter jets, DCA-717s, A320 commercial jets, Messerschmitts, Spitfires, B2 Stealth Bombers, B17s, Predator Drones, Heli UH 60 Gunners, HH65C Dauphins, Sikorsky Ch-54s, HH-60 Blackhawks and many more.

    Featuring around 6-8 hours of gameplay, there are 15 increasingly difficult levels across 4 stages: Parrot Island, Metro Airport, Metro City, and Midway, with story mode and free-play modes available.

    Phaser Lock Interactive is also offering a special promotion to those who purchased the original. “Two Games for the Price of One- Final Approach: Pilot Edition includes a copy of the original Final Approach for Tracked Motion Controllers. If you already purchased the original Final Approach, check your library for your free copy of Final Approach: Pilot Edition,” it states on the Steam page.

    Available through either Steam for both head-mounted displays (HMDs) or on Oculus Home for the Rift, Final Approach: Pilot Edition will also support Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) PlayStation VR headset, although its not yet been confirmed for the October launch.

    The original Final Approach will also be heading to Oculus Touch as a launch title when the positional-tracked controllers are due to arrive later this year.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Phaser Lock Interactive and its Final Approach series, reporting back with any new announcements.