Explode Ice Blocks in Space With VReakout on HTC Vive Now

    Looking at the screenshots you wouldn’t believe that VReakout is a variation of the brick breaker genre, but this HTC Vive videogame is just that, and it has released today on Steam.

    Developed by Animate Objects, VReakout lets the players destroy galactic ice bricks using balls that look like flaming reactive cores, and there is also another option for a blue ice-like orb to be thrown. Although the text used in this videogame is pretty basic as far as themed fonts go, the game doesn’t seem to be so, with timed challenges to destroy the blocks before getting sucked into the Black Hole.

    Extra points are given to those who break down the blocks with speed, and so it makes sense that the developers also warn that this is a title that will make the players have a full workout, with the incorporation of full room scale.

    On the Steam store page for the title, the developers listed off both features and interest points for the videogame: “VReakout‘s Full Release features a huge amount of crazy awesome levels and environments, challenges, power-ups, puzzles, spacescapes, music, accelerators, crazy memes, bombs and so much more combined with an action packed frenetic pace and music that’s on point.”

    This title was previously an Early Access title, and so it is safe to assume that there is enough backing behind this title for it to be worthwhile, with updates that were implemented such as different planetary environments, the saving of progress, choice of arena size, a platform to stand on, and the Black Hole is also a new feature that materialised during its Early Access time.

    The price for VReakout is £5.59 (GBP) and is only available for the HTC Vive.

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