Cityscape Repairman 2.0 Coming to Oculus Rift Next Week

    In December 2015 virtual reality (VR) developer Khora ApS launched its first videogame for the Samsung Gear VR mobile head-mounted display (HMD). Called Cityscape Repairman, it’s a third-person puzzle title that appeared as a finalist in the Oculus mobile VR jam, entered by Peter Fisher, the 3D VR artist who created the experience and subsequently joined the company. Today the studio has announced the latest version Cityscape Repairman 2.0 will be launching on the Oculus Rift next week.

    The videogame centres around a repairman those duty is to keep the city running through regular maintenance and fixing problems. This involves completing each of the increasingly difficult puzzles put before players.

    Covering 18 industrial levels, Cityscape Repairman 2.0 not only challenges players to complete the puzzles but also to do it as quickly as possible in order to make it to the top 10 leaderboard for each puzzle.

    Cityscape Repairman 2.0 will be launching on the Oculus Store on 21st July 2016, priced at $7.99 USD.

    Khora has previously mention plans to bring the title to HTC Vive, with support for its Room Scale tracking technology, but as of yet no further details have been released.

    The next project from the studio will be DIY the Universe, an educational game where 2 students collaborate to create the universe by assembling the necessary atoms.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Khora ApS, reporting back with any further announcements.