Essential Accessories for PlayStation VR

    So you’ve got your PlayStation VR pre-order secured. You’ve watched every trailer for the launch line-up and you’re ready to receive your package on 13th October 2016. But are you sure you’ve got everything in place? It’s easy to assume you have a television and perhaps even a PlayStation 4 console already, but what about those other necessary items?

    Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of every essential accessory required for your PlayStation VR purchase on day one. Be sure to stock up on anything you’re missing as demand for these items is only likely to increase as the PlayStation VR launch date approaches.

    PlayStation 4 Console

    As stated above, it would be easy to assume that most parties interested in PlayStation VR already own a PlayStation 4 console. But what if you don’t? There’s quite a few different packages out there with various harddrive capacities and different videogame bundles – plus the forthcoming release of the upgraded (though still shrouded in mystery) PlayStation Neo – so which version of the PlayStation 4 is right for PlayStation VR?

    Quite simple: any of them. Any PlayStation 4 console that exists today will run PlayStation VR perfectly well. The PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) has been designed from the very beginning for the PlayStation 4 console, and while the belief (currently unconfirmed) is that the PlayStation Neo will allow for a superior PlayStation VR experience, those wanting to jump into virtual reality (VR) right now will do just fine with any PlayStation 4 model. From a standard 500GB edition to a more recent limited edition value package, all PlayStation 4 consoles will be compatible with PlayStation VR as standard.

    Essential Accessories for PlayStation VR

    DualShock 4 Controller

    The DualShock 4 controller is the standard input device for PlayStation 4, and in turn will also be for PlayStation VR. While a number of titles will require the sole use of PlayStation Move (more details here) or even in addition to a DualShock 4 controller, there are already many that have been built with the default controller input in mind. Luckily, every PlayStation 4 comes packaged with a controller, but there’s never any harm in obtaining another DualShock 4 controller.

    Essential Accessories for PlayStation VR

    PlayStation Camera

    The PlayStation Camera is an essential purchase for PlayStation VR, and unlike the DualShock 4 controller is not included with the PlayStation 4 console. PlayStation VR early adopters will need to purchase a PlayStation Camera separately from their console and most likely their PlayStation VR pre-order, or risk not being able to utilise their brand new shiny HMD on launch day.

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