Epic Games Release Preview of Unreal Engine 4.13

    Middleware development software Unreal Engine is one of the most popular programmes being used by studios across the world to create videogames and apps. Now creator Epic Games has unveiled a preview for the latest version 4.13 for developers to get their hands on.

    The Unreal Engine 4.13 preview is freely downloadable and features new import/export updates for Sequencer, foliage editing and mesh painting in the virtual reality (VR) Editor, numerous improvements and additions for animation and a whole lot more.

    On the VR side the VR Editor now has updated Foliage Editing, Mesh Painting, Automatic Entry to VR Editing Mode, Colour Picker window, New Quick Menu Options and Play from VR Editor. While general VR updates include improvements to Instanced Stereo Rendering and a VR Template for Desktop and Console.

    Epic Games will be going covering version 4.13 in more detail with Technical Director Mike Fricker via the company’s Twitch channel later today.

    A preview summary can be seen below, and for all the latest news from Epic Games keep reading VRFocus.


    Sequencer Updates:

    New import/export capabilities

    Sequence recorder improvements


    Framework Updates:

    Physical Animation Component (Experimental)

    Pose Driver Animation node (Experimental)

    Physics Constraint Profiles

    Sub Animation Blueprints

    Pose Asset

    Updated Animation Curve Viewer

    Alembic Importer for Vertex Animation (Experimental)

    Preview Scene Improvements

    Texture Coordinate (UV) info from Line Traces

    Slicing Utility for ProceduralMeshComponent

    Animation Node Pose Watching

    Threaded Audio (Experimental)

    TSet Property


    VR Editor Updates:

    Foliage Editing

    Mesh Painting

    Automatic Entry to VR Editing Mode

    Color Picker window

    New Quick Menu Options

    Play from VR Editor


    VR Updates:

    Improvements to Instanced Stereo Rendering

    VR Template for Desktop and Console


    Rendering Updates:

    Improvements to the Noise Material Node


    Platform Updates:

    Initial support for Mac Metal Shader Model 5


    Mobile Updates:

    Custom Post-Process material support

    Lighting Channels

    Android Automation Testing

    Mobile Renderer supports OpenGL ES 3.1 on Android

    Mobile Packaging Wizard

    Full Precision in pixel shaders


    Network Updates:

    Replay Backwards Compatibility


    Editor/Tools Updates:

    Localized Text Formatting Improvements

    Widget Interaction Component


    Media Framework Updates: (not tested for all platforms)

    Media Framework Overhaul

    Updates for Android, PS4 and Windows


    Landscape Updates:

    Optimization of Landscape Material Shader permutations

    Landscape Tessellation Performance Improvements


    Build Updates:

    New script for making Installed Builds