War Thunder Road to Glory Update Adds More Destruction with New Planes and Tanks

    Developer Gaijin Entertainment has announced that its popular massively multiplayer online (MMO) World War 2 themed title, War Thunder, is getting more content in update 1.61, called Road to Glory.

    Road to Glory isn’t a massive update in comparison to previous instalments but it does add more tanks and planes for players to do battle with.

    There’s two tanks from the 1960’s, the American M60A1 and the Soviet T-62. Both of these will be the top-tank in their respective medium tank trees. The American M60A1 provides good, aggressive gameplay for tankers that like a full on fight due to its frontal armour. This ensures a greater life expectancy giving players time to retreat or send out another volley whilst the enemy is busy reloading.

    While the Russian T-62, although slower than the previous T-55, makes up for its lack of speed with its 115mm gun, packing more of a punch being effective with any kind of shell.
    In the sky a new plane has also been added in the form of the Japanese Ki-100. Several models of aircraft have also been updated such as the American Thunderbolt which gets P-47N-15 modification transforming it into one of the fastest piston-engine aircraft in the game with easy manoeuvrability, even at high speed.

    Adding to War Thunder’s list of features is a new Reinforcement option. Tank players who have lost one or more crew members in the battle can call a new crew member as a replacement. In Arcade mode players can call a new soldier in any part of the map, providing at least one crew member is still alive. While for  Realistic and Simulation modes players face the challenge of only being able to call in reinforcements when they are on a capture point.

    For players that haven’t done so already Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. is still ongoing, offering different tasks to complete that gives access to several unique vehicles: the M3 Grant, the Soviet experimental tank KV-220 and an American fighter aircraft, the F7F-3.

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