Engage in Magical Duels or Watch Online Now That PvP Title Wands is Out For Gear VR

    There have been a number of magical titles for virtual reality (VR), but none quite as expansive as Wands for mobile-based VR head-mounted displays (HMD). Not only can players engage in magical duels for single player, but also online – and there is also the opportunity to watch these duels when you’re not even wearing an HMD.

    This magical title is set in the 19th century in London, but not as it may be remembered as it is described as an alternate history, with the expected themes of steampunk aesthetics. Players will join a secret society of spell wielders where they are free to challenge each other to proving their powers, and to discover some magical talents they never knew they had – which include up to 16 powerful spells. In the studio’s own words, players can enjoy the videogame by “learning ancient spells, duelling other wielders online, harnessing their mystical power to become the most powerful magician in the realm.”

    This new release is unique in the way that players will be able to watch duels online, as well as be in them, which is a new concept for mobile-based VR titles as you can rarely watch what is actually happening on the screen. Spectator mode can be used online on a PC, smart phones, and tablets on the game’s website.

    Wands is currently available for the Samsung Gear VR for £4.49 (GBP), and internet connection is required in order to play.

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